A Fantastic Experience of Buying Prescription Glasses

At beginning of this semester, we have a foreign teacher who comes from Australia and is a very introvert lady. One day, in her class, she told us that her glasses were broken accidently so she wanted to get new one. As she could not do it herself, she asked me and another student to help her.

She came to here just 5months ago and we want to leave a good impression on her about our country. At first, she told us that before coming to here, she thought people there are poor and underdeveloped. She did not think we has any high technology, like computer, camera and so forth. We want to change her stereotype, so we decide to take advantage of the chance to the full. After discussion, my friend and I want to try a new way to buy prescription glasses -on line. However, there came up another problem: so many websites online about buying glasses, which one should we go?

Luckily, my friend told me he just prescript a new glasses on the internet only few days ago. He strongly recommended us the website, on which he brought his glasses. He showed it to me and it was fantastic. The quality is good and the style is fashionable and novel. However, I never have such an experience of buying glasses on line, so I am afraid of I may fail. My friend persuaded me to give it a try and I accept.

The next day, I told my teacher that we have a new way to help her get a pair of new glasses. We went to a net bar and open the page. At first, she was confused because the place we were supposed to go to should be a big mall, not the net bar. When she knew our intention, she was surprised at how modern our country was. There were various kinds of glasses and each of them had pretty appearance. She chose red semi-rim glasses which was conspicuous. She is fair so we thought color red matched her quite well. Then we brought it.

She confided in us that glasses in the website www.glassespeople.com is much cheaper than those in her hometown. After getting the glasses, she added, the quality is as good as that in her country, if not better. She invited us to dinner and kept thanking us for giving her such meaningful experience which changed her previous ideas about buying glasses only can be done in the real shop.