An impressive pair of kids glasses

"Tracy, what are you doing? Dinner is ready!" Mother is speaking loudly in the kitchen. But I am totally addicted to what I am doing at that time. Well, it is online shopping that draws my whole attention. To be more exact, I find a kind of lovely and durable kids' prescription eyeglasses frame that takes my fancy even at first sight. In fact, I have never tried online shopping for glasses. But for the discovery of a good online glasses store, I would never have the idea to buy glasses through online shopping. What excites me is that I find the price is much lower than market price, which is a very advantageous point for me to "negotiate" with my mother and may probably be the key to my success. Since I can not be able to make the final decision, I run out of my room and have dinner with my parents. When I am thinking about how to give an opening to the topic, mother notices my big smile on the face and asks me what is happening to make me so happy. Well, that is the chance. Sometimes it is so easy to get an opportunity to begin a conversation.

I just tell them the truth that I want to buy a new pair of kids' glasses and I have found a good glasses store to make purchase. I tell them that I can show them my favorite type of glasses and then they can make the decision whether to buy for me or not. Father asks me whether it is a wise choice to make online purchase for such an important medical device though he obviously knows that it is much cheaper. In reality, at first, I also have the same doubts as my father but after reading the positive feedbacks given by pervious consumers, I am sure it is a reliable store that deserves our trust.

After dinner, my parents come to the room with me and I show them the store of  and also that pair of glasses. Mother reads carefully the instruction of the glasses and she regards it as a good choice because the glasses are not easy to slip from ears and the silicone nose pads will make me feel comfortable during the daily wearing. In addition, the security can be guaranteed satisfactorily. With a reasonable price, this pair of kids' glasses is impressive. Finally, I get it!