Choose the best prescription glasses for your children

Many parents find it difficult when buying prescription eyeglasses for their children. They have to consider many aspects of the glasses, the size of the frames, for instance, must suitable for the shape of their faces; they also have to decide what material are best for their children, metal, plastic or titanium. Parents usually wrongly think that their kids are too naughty to wear glasses. As a matter of fact, inappropriate glasses is not only unfavorable to children’s eyes, but also can lead to children’s dislike of wearing glasses. Little kids will not complain if the glasses are inappropriate, they are unable to tell you what fits well and is comfortable, therefore, you’ll have to make an intelligent choice for them.

The online stores offer a wide range of prescription glasses which make choosing the right prescription glasses for your children a tedious process. It is a common knowledge that kids are more prone to accidents than adults.So safety is the major concern when you decide to buy the proper prescription glasses for children, Here are some guidelines for parents to choose the right eyeglasses for their children:

a. Make sure to choose a durable frame
Children are not expected to treat their eyeglasses delicately; therefore frames for them have to be tough to withstand rough usage. The feature of spring hinges is a must for children who may be wont to hold glasses by one stem or given to swinging it in play. As for frame material,in the past, plastic eyeglasses were widely used because they were considered more durable, less likely to be bent or broken, lighter in weight and less expensive. But nowadays, frames made of titanium are giving plastic frames a severe competition. They are also very light-weight and more long-lasting. If your child has shown sensitivity to certain substances. For instance, they are allergic to frame alloys that contain nickel. You can consider the hypoallergenic materials - pure titanium frames Frames made of titanium are hypoallergenic, in that they produce hardly any allergic reaction. Almost all titanium frames have nose pads which are useful in case of children, because the bridge of their noses is not developed or almost non-existent.

b. Choose a fashionable style but not expensive
Children have always picked on other kids who wear glasses. If your child is at least school-age, please allow them to have a voice in choosing their frames. Afterall, your student goes to school every day. They see what the other kids are wearing, what’s in style, and what is “cool.” Parents should also be aware that your children grow up very fast, you only need to get the most comfortable frame for them but avoid high spending.

c. Get polycarbonate lenses with Anti-reflective coating
Lenses usually come in three types: glass, plastic and polycarbonate.Prescription glasses consist of polycarbonate lenses are the best option to give your child’s vision a reasonable safety. These polycarbonate lenses add durability and make the prescription glasses light-weight. The material of polycarbonate lenses has a high impact resistance, so they are practically unbreakable. They come with scratch-proof coating and an in-built protection against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Of all the lenses, these ones are more expensive, but that’s a little price to pay for your child’s safety. is the fastest growing online company selling high quality children prescription glasses, children prescription kids Prescription Glasses,and Discount kid’s glasses. Shop at and find stylish and affordable Prescription glasses from today!