First time to order progressive bifocal glasses online

Generally, elderly people with Presbyopia and other vision problems are recommended to wear progressive glasses. With those glasses, they can see clearly of objects at any distance, far, middle or near. Until last week, I have not realized that I have to wear reading bifocal glasses. Last Monday, when I reading newspapers, I noticed that I was having trouble reading words and letters. I thought the letters should be bigger, but my daughter told me that she could see the letters clearly. I finally realized that aging eyes finally caught me up and then I would live in a whole new world.

I went to my doctor office the next day for getting eyeglasses prescription and was told that bifocal progressive glasses must be purchased at optical stores. But they will charge me $300 for the glasses; I was on a tight budget. So I only paid for the test fee and decide to purchase bifocal progressive glasses online. I know it will slash the cost right down.

I did some research online and noticed there are a lot of good reviews about a website, $7.95 eyeglasses are on sale. This on-line retailer offers an exclusive range of prescription glasses. Their bifocal progressive lenses only cost $38.50. The point is that you can not only enjoy such a huge discount, but also the cheap glasses you finally get include a free scratch resistant, coating, full UV protection coating and some other features possessed by other highly cost glasses

With the help of their customer service rep, I placed an order with them. I found it is quite simple, I just need pick out a frame I like, since I would like to order progressive glasses, I was told to select frame with lens height bigger than 28mm, and otherwise the bifocal reading portion will be insufficient. And my prescription is not very high, so they said I don’t need to spend extra money getting high index thinner lenses. The last step is to fill out my shipping information.

I was told bifocal lenses require 2 weeks time lab processing time. You know, I can’t wait to receive my new prescription glasses. If I am satisfied with this purchase, I would recommend they guys to all my relevant and friends.