Glasses and Me

Glasses are necessary in our daily lives 。Some people use it to correct their eye sights, some people use it to protect their eyes, or for decoration.

Everyone loves beauty. For girls, they are always fighting for eyeballs. And I am a girl too. So there is no exception to me. I loss opportunity to be a beautiful girl, as the vision problem has persecuted me for many years since I was a junior high student. I do envy those who needn’t wear eyeglasses. But then, it is a fashion to wear sunglasses to shield from bright sunshine in hot summer. Once more, I can’t have my will to enjoy sunglasses, because I have to wear prescription glasses to see clearly. When summer comes, I am in distress about it. Life is that bad for me!

By accident, I got acquainted with a new kind of glasses - prescription sunglasses. That’ fantastic. Wouldn’t that be marvelous? With prescription sunglasses, I can successfully mix vision correction and eyes protection. I rejoiced with wild excitement for a while, it seemed as one problem was solved a new one arose. I went to glasses stores for a pair of discount prescription sunglasses, yet I was disappointed to find that it is unaffordable. And it is great break to me.

It was past long time later, one day; I was told that there are prescription sunglasses by my classmate. It is really a splendid idea! Isn’t it? As long as I own a pair of discount prescription sunglasses, I would never worry about that I can’t wear sunglasses in summer for beauty and eye protection sake. I was wild with delight for a short time; this raised the question of money. I was intended to buy me a pair of prescription sunglasses, instead, its prohibitive price kept my away. As I was about to break, the idea of shopping online crossed my mind. It sounds good. Why not try? Frankly speaking, I might be a bit worried about the quality of online goods. But facts proved that I was wrong. I am quite satisfied with the purchase on a glasses store named

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