High Index Lens is Best Choice for Strong Prescription Eyeglasses

Once upon a time, people always wear thick lenses if they have a strong prescription, these lenses are absolutely uncomfortable to wear and also reduce the confidence of the person who is wearing them. Actually, people wearing prescription glasses were considered away from the fashion, that’s the reason why many people wear “Plano” eyeglasses just for fashion, and now, the trendy and lightweight prescription eyeglasses lenses are available for people who need to correct their strong Rx, it is high index lenses.

These lenses are made by material which has high index of refraction, the higher the refractive index is, and the thinner the lens will be. It is the dense and hence lesser material that used in high index lenses. They have great optical quality just as conventional prescription eyeglasses plastic lenses, but they are of light weight compared to the later. There are two properties required in prescription glasses lenses: the refractive index and the curvature. If we need the lens to be as thin as possible, the refractive index should be higher, while the curvature should be minimum, that’s why high index lenses can bend more light and leading to thin edges.

What’s more, these prescription eyeglasses lenses are not only suitable for people who were suffered from myopia, but also fit for person who wear minus power, and high index prescription lenses even have great advantages for these people, as in ordinary Rx lenses, the thinnest part of lenses is at the center and the thick edges will not be visible because of the frames, but we cannot do this in reading eyeglasses lenses, which has a thick center than the edge, so, that’s the reason why we need aspheric lenses, which are mostly made of high index material.

All in all, the main purpose of wearing these lenses is for clear vision, you can choose to wear high index prescription eyeglasses no matter if you are suffered from myopia or presbyopia. These lenses will give you the look of an elegant probably, and the only disadvantage of such lens is its price. Usually, we can hardly get a pair less than $300 at local eyeglasses stores, I suggest you can try them at online site, which also have quality high-index lenses, but the price is much cheaper. Glassespeople.com could supply the lowest price at $49.95 for Ultra Thin (1.67) Lenses.