How to Choose Prescription Glasses?

With the experience of buying prescription glasses for six years, I’ve got my special way to choose suitable prescription glasses. We can easily find that nowadays many people especially the young are wearing prescription glasses, but we can also find that unsuitable glasses make people look dull or less attractive. You may ask why some people look fantastic with their seemly usual prescription glasses while others look terrible with same ones. Actually, we should choose our prescription glasses according to our own characteristics and styles. Now I’ll show you how I choose my always cool prescription glasses.

I like buying prescription glasses online, which saves me a lot of money and time. Every time when I find myself in need of a new pair of prescription glasses, I’ll surf on the internet and choose. First of all, I search for the latest style of fashion glasses because I don’t want to appear out with my glasses. When I’m certain of what type is of the most popularity, I’ll enter an online glasses store to choose a pair of prescription glasses suitable for me.

I start with the color of the frame. As known to all, frame is very important in choosing eyeglasses. The common way to choose the right color is that the color of the frame should go in harmony with your skin and they’d better make no strong contrast. Fro example, my complexion is yellow and my hair is very black, so I always choose red or black; as to those with white complexion, pink or blue can be their good choices. Then I’ll figure out the shape of the frame carefully. I always choose rimless eyeglasses, light and delicate. The shape should go with your face shape and your hair style. At last I choose lenses as usual.

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