Missing happy days choosing online glasses

My grandma has passes away for a few months now. Every time I think of her, I could not help thinking the happy hours we spent together on the internet choosing online glasses.

Although my grandma was very old then, she was not that kind of rigid and old-fashioned woman at all. Instead, she would like to share with me her ideas about the world trend and the trend for young people. She must love me very much, for she once told me that she tried so hard to keep up with the newest trend to have something to talk with me. To me, she was not only a relative from the old generation, but more like an intimate friend of mine. One day when I went back home, I brought home the address of an online eyeglasses store. She had practiced with me shopping on the internet before, so I did not worry about her not accepting this new style of purchasing online glasses at all. My grandma was always open to new things. When we went onto this online eyeglasses store’s web page, we saw many fashionable online glasses that nearly made us dizzy. Here came the question: how could we choose from such a great number of online glasses? I should not forget that it was my grandma who found out that there was a special zone for the new customers to find more about choosing online glasses. Then we tried to click at that zone, and saw the detailed but professional and useful knowledge about choosing online glasses. According to the knowledge, if one’s face was a little longer, then he or she should choose a pair of online glasses with round or square lens. If one’s face was round, then he or she should try the long or square lens. To decide what face shape one had, he or she could compare to the standard set in the zone or just ask his or her hairdresser! “That is quite simple!” My grandma smiled and said to me excitedly. Then we saw a lot of fashionable woman’s glasses in the special zone, and my grandma chose one pair of online glasses for me. To give her a present on her birthday, I secretly bought her a pair of online glasses, too.

Now I touched these two pairs of online glasses from this store www.glassespeople.com , I could not help crying and missing my grandma terribly.