My kid keeps dropping the glasses, what should I do?

Kids are active and they love adventures. But some of them will not be able to enjoy the outdoor lives because of the vision problems. Those kids require wearing eyeglasses to correct their visions, so they can see the world better. Without the eyeglasses, some may hardly walk around in the house. Friendly furniture such as chairs and table corners could be extremely dangerous for them. Thus a pair of durable and functional eyeglasses is necessary for them to ensure the safety. This article will give some guidance on how to choose the eyeglasses for your be loved kids.

Lenses Choices
Nowadays there are various types of lenses available in the market, such as CR-39, mid-index 1.56, high-index 1.60 PC lenses and super high index 1.74 lenses. From economic reason, CR-39 lenses will be the best choice for mild prescription less than -2.00. High-index 1.60 polycarbonate lenses are mostly recommended for safety reasons. They are made with the same material as bullet proof glass which gives them great durability as well less thickness than standard lenses. However for really strong prescription, super high-index lenses are recommend as they will provide the least possible lens thickness. As a result, less weight and pressure would apply on the nose.

Frame Choices
Not like adults’ glasses, for kids we will consider the durability on the first place beside appearance. Thus full rim design is the most desirable frame type to choose. The full rim design frame gives the best possible protection of the lenses against accidently frame drop. On the other hand, semi rim frames only have half of the protection and rimless frames basically have none protections whatsoever.

With the full rim protection we now consider the material and appearance. Metal frames were commonly used in the past but they are less colorful. However plastic frames have a lot of color choices and makes the kids looks really cute. Not to mention the latest TR-90 material plastic frames have doubled the flexibility and durability.

Overall Cost
Purchasing eyeglasses from retail stores are really painful in the wallet. They are expensive and you have no idea when they will be damaged or lost by accident. Thus here I’d like to recommend online prescription glasses stores to save money. They offer cheap prescription glasses with the same quality as retails stores, and will save you up to 70%! is the one come to my mind on the first place. Their quality eyeglasses just start from $7.95 and they have great collection on kids eyeglasses. Among which LC1251-1255 are the latest collection, crystal full rim design with durable TR-90 plastic temples. They even come with build in spring type strips to avoid frame drop and start with a low price of $7.95! Definitely worth going!