Prescription sunglasses as my father's birthday present

In two weeks, it will be my fathers' fiftieth birthday, so I want to buy a present for him. But our family is not very rich and I am only a college student for whom my parents work day and night to pay for different fees. To give my thanks to my father, I want to buy something useful online for him. By browsing the pages, I think that maybe I can give him a pair of prescription sunglasses, which could prevent ultraviolet radiation when he drives to work. But hunting for a cheap glasses store is not easy since most of the stores believe that high-quality glasses should be very expensive.

When I wanted to stop searching, an advertisement attracted my attention, which read “complete prescription glasses – start from $7.95.” How cheap it was! Out of curiosity, I entered into this store and started to browse the pages. Then I found that this store sold various kinds of glasses, for instance women glasses, prescription sunglasses, glasses for driving and so on and so forth. But generally speaking, the prices were relatively low because it sold glasses directly to the customers. Since it had been selling glasses for over twenty years, this online store was professional and the quality could be guaranteed.

Having had a great knowledge of this store and its glasses, I determined to buy a pair of sunglasses from this store for my father. I picked a black frame and brown lenses; then following the guide, I submitted the order, which just took half an hour. About two weeks, I received the glasses. On my father's birthday, I gave it to him and he was extremely surprised and loved the sunglasses very much.

He put on the sunglasses and my mother said he was pretty cool. When my mother knew that this pair of prescription sunglasses did not cost much, she was happier. We were all very happy that day. At night my mother asked me where I got such good but cheap glasses, and I told her this online store A month later, I saw her also wore a pair of sunglasses bought from this store. If you also need to buy glasses, I strongly recommend this store to you and I believe this is the best store I've ever seen. Come on and choose one!